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My lists

What I'd like to get:
Fic: Syd/Vaughn, Syd/Will, Syd/Weiss, Syd/Marshall, Jack/Irina, Will/Vaughn, Vaughn/Weiss

Wallpapers: Any of the pairings above, Will, or Vaughn

Icons: Syd, Marshall, Weiss, Vaughn, Will, Irena, or any of the pairings above

Other Art: Any kind of graphics, Friends only banners etc of any of the characters/pairings above.

Vids: Anything from the above. Music I'm not picky on. I like pop, rock, country, pretty much anything but heavy metal and rap.

What I can give:
Fic: I haven't really given Alias fic a chance, but I'm willing to give anything a go.

Art: Icons, wallpapers, any other graphics. Any pairing. Any ship. I can do it.

Vids: If I can find the clips I'll do it.
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