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alias_cupid's Journal

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The following information was 'borrowed' from btvs_cupid without permission though i'm pretty sure vampyreangel won't mind too terribly much especially since she is more than welcome to join in the fun while i have to do all the work this time.

Simply post your request for a holiday gift any time up until January 20th. You'll then receive the name of a community member and a copy of their request. All you have to do is do your best to comply with their request, and make them something pretty.

All gifts should be posted by midnight on Feburary 14.

Requests can be of any type--fics, icons, videos, graphics--just make sure you leave more than one option for your Secret Cupid, so they can work in the genre they feel most comfortable with.

If for some reason you're unable to post your gift in time, please E-mail me at shirleytopaz@sbcglobal.net with your gift, and I'll post it for you :).